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Fantasy featuring one or more leads who are trans, non-binary, or otherwise genderqueer.

  1. Dragonfall by 

    No rating

    Long-banished dragons, revered as gods, return to the mortal realm in the first in this magical new epic fantasy trilogy …

    lastblossom says:

    The characters? One of the two leads is a non-binary thief.
    The world building? The central location's culture embraces a variety of gender identities, but other nearby groups do not.
    Romance? A little steamy. No spice. Sex is mentioned.

  2. Venom & Vow by ,

    No rating

    Two enemy kingdoms are forced to work together to break a curse in this lush YA fantasy, featuring a transgender …

    lastblossom says:

    The characters? A trans prince and a genderfluid spy from rival courts do an enemies-to-lovers.
    The world building? Trans identities are largely kept secret, but a community of trans people features heavily in the plot.
    Romance? Some kissing.

  3. lastblossom says:

    The characters? Main character is non binary.
    The world building? The main location has rigid gender identities and is largely hostile.
    Romance? Some, but it's a middle grade novel, so barely.

  4. lastblossom says:

    The characters? Main character is a demon who inhabits various human bodies regardless of sex or gender identity.
    The world building? Various cultures have differing approaches to the gender binary (or lack thereof).
    Romance? Supporting characters.

  5. Mask of Shadows by 

    No rating

    A young thief fights to claim the position of one of the Queen's personal assassins, confronting world-shattering surprises at every …

    lastblossom says:

    The characters? Main character is genderfluid.
    The world building? Queerness uncommon, but not unheard of.
    Romance? Yes. Slow burn. Has kissing.

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